Trust your hearing to an experienced hearing aid expert

Many people struggle with hearing loss and don’t get the help they need soon enough. If you or a loved-one is having trouble hearing everything in a conversation or must turn up the volume on the TV, it may be time to consider hearing-aid options.Look to Dr. Diane Blaising – who is board certified in audiology and has specialized training and experience in hearing loss and hearing aids. Dr. Blaising is also one of about seven audiologist in Texas and 250 nationwide to receive the prestigious Audigy Certification, granted by Audigy Group to hearing-aid providers who provide “Hearing Care Excellence.”

Don’t sit in silence any longer. You deserve better.

Hearing is a personal matter – one that shouldn’t be taken lightly or trusted to a simple hearing aid dispensary at a big-box retailer or online store front. Dr. Blaising understands that everyone has unique needs and goals. What may be the solution for one person could be different for someone else. Dr. Blaising works personally with each patient and his or her family to come up with a customized hearing aid solution to meet the patient’s hearing needs, with the ultimate goal of improving quality of life.

“I love helping people and will work my hardest to find every patient the solution that will work best.”
Diane Blaising, Au.D. FAAA Doctor of Audiology